378,00 €

Luxurious bag for many oils !! As many as 114 oil bottles and rollers fit in; 72 x 15 ml, 28 x 5 ml and 14 rollers of 5 or 10 ml. Although there is a lot in it, the bag does not look large. The bag has a single handle and is easy to carry. This bag is entirely made of leather on the outside and on the inside. The finish is beautiful, all bottles and rollers are made to measure in elastic. On the inside of the flap is a large compartment with zipper. Because you see the bottles from above you can recognize them immediately. The size is 39 x 35 x 8 cm. No unnecessary pockets and distractions. This bag is really about your oil. So if you want to take all your oils with you, this is your bag!

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